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Each haunted location on historic Monticello ghost tours have been professionally investigated by Big Bend Ghost Trackers with all collective data documented, historically researched, tour goers hear factual and accurate history of each location and of the ghostly encounters experienced by Big Bend Ghost Trackers, the home or business owner and patrons to the location or guests.

This unique 90 minute walking will take tour goers to some of the most haunted locations in downtown Historic Monticello, Florida. As the evening descends into darkness and the shadows of the night emerge; you will embark upon the most unusual adventure of your life! It’s an adventure into the unknown. You will be guided through the historic, mysterious and darkened street by lamp light. 

Experience for yourself why ABC news named Monticello, Florida the “South’s Most Haunted Small Town” in October 2003, where one out of every three homes or businesses are presently haunted or has in the past experienced a haunting. 

Will you get a glimpse of the roaming spirits of Dogwood Street? Will you see the infamous ghost of Dr. Palmer? Will the mysterious pink lady make an appearance? These and many more await you…. If you dare!!!!

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Historic Monticello, FL Ghost Tours as seen on the Anderson Cooper show.
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Haunted Monticello
Haunted Monticello
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Book published in 2011 by History Press. 
Written by Betty Gilbert Davis with research assistance from the Big Bend Ghost Trackers 

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